Mothers’ Board

The role and responsibility of the “YESHUA” C.O.G.I.C. Mother’s Board is to help build every C.O.G.I.C. auxiliary of the Women’s Department at the local, district, and national church. The Mothers’ Board teaches women how to support the church, the pastor, and their families. The church mothers have information that is readily accessible as to the functions of every auxiliary. They are able to plan and organize the women’s auxiliaries so that they are properly staffed and functioning. The Mothers’ Board helps to ensure that our church is a strong church, spirit-filled, and a well organized House Of God. Effective Mothers’ Boards operate under the authority of the pastor, and the officers of the church. The work of the Mother’s Board does not take from the pastor, it serves to enhance our programs and help to build the Kingdom Of God .

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