Young Women’s Christian Council

Today, the YWCC is either inactive in many of our churches or it was never established. YWCC is, and has always been very active at “Yeshua”. We meet every third Tuesday of the month, at 7:00 P.M. in the homes of the Women Of “Yeshua”.

The “Yeshua” YWCC also supports the church financially. However, we are not simply a fund raising, report making unit. YWCC is a vital and necessary ministry within the body of Christ. Our goal is to address and minister to the specific concerns and needs of today’s women and young women in the church. We know that the women must be taught how to be good Christian women, wives, and mothers.

I encourage you to support your church YWCC. If you do not have a YWCC, be encouraged and remember, that no church is too small for a YWCC.

“Yeshua”, YWCC President
Missionary Alice Timbers

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